Looking for venues

We’re in the first stages of planning next year’s event and are currently researching suitable venues. We are looking at various historical sites, and are especially interested in castles or sites that have a connection with the period we will be re-creating through drama and enactment – 1377-1485. Castles that have been visited by the royalty of that time are especially interesting… At the moment we seem to be tracking Richard III’s progress around the country! Of course, we also need grounds large enough to allow space for the Wars of the Roses re-enactments…

Any ideas? Email us or leave a comment!


Hello world!

About us!

The Elysium Theatre Company began life in Bedfordshire as a small-scale drama group, run by students for students. Since graduating, we have been making plans to aid the expansion and creative growth of the company, and are soon to be launching our biggest and most exciting event yet: a day-long immersive experience of Shakespeare’s History Cycle.

The company has a strong focus on productions of classic plays, in particular those by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and has a keen interest in bringing history and historical material to life for a modern audience. We have plans in the future to provide educational workshops for arts and humanities subjects, in particular Drama, English and History, with themes ranging from Shakespeare to Medieval life, as well as continuing to stage increasingly ambitious and inventive productions.