Educational Workshops

We are really excited to announce that Elysium Theatre will soon be offering a wide variety of educational workshops for schools and colleges, centering around bringing History and English Literature to life for all ages through drama activities. We also have lots of workshops focused on Acting Shakespeare for years 9-13 which are energetic, fun and interesting and really help young people get to grips with the gorgeous language of the Bard.

We are polishing and developing all of our workshop material ready for booking from September this year. More details coming soon.

I’ve worked on Shakespeare with various age groups and love giving workshops in schools, so really can’t wait to start using our company to share our team’s knowledge and passion for all things theatre and heritage with young people 🙂



Horrible Histories vs The War of the Roses!

Horrible Histories: The War of the Roses

I am a HUGE fan of Horrible Histories (as are a few other members of the team) and so was delighted to find this image depicting ‘The War of the Roses’!

(Image borrowed from

Emily 🙂