The Wars of the Roses Collage piece, Dress Rehearsal

Some photos and video from the rehearsals for our collage piece presented as part of the University of Exeter’s Forum opening, visited by her majesty the Queen as part of her Jubilee Tour.

This ensemble-focused performance takes the audience on a journey spanning one hundred years of history: moving from the melancholy elegance of Richard II, through the rebellions, victories and losses of the following plays, and finally into the dark brutality of Richard III.


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A trip to Buckland Abbey!

Last week cast and crew went on a roadtrip to our main performance space: The National Trust’s Buckland Abbey. We piled in a minibus and off we went to Yelverton. The weather, luckily, wasn’t too bad and we tried out a few scenes in both the outdoor and indoor spaces that we’ll be using on the performance days. The actors got a feel for the huge scope of the place they’ll be working in, and started to get to grips with the “epicness” of this task! The Great Hall (our indoor space) impressed everyone with its sheer size and grandeur – and we started with some pretty thorough voice work to help the cast cope with the hugeness of the place and its sound-absorbing stone walls. Trying out a few scenes in there was really valuable. We even got a bit of applause for our rehearsals from passers by!

The trip was great, and we’re really excited about getting back to the Abbey in August to perform. Hope to see you there!

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