‘A Boy Now Will Mention All The Hot Horrid Battles Till Bosworth’


Map of the battles of the Wars of the Roses

I recently came across a charming little book which has an equally charming way to help remember the names of the 12 main battles fought during The Wars of the Roses and their chronological order, which I would like to share with you (granted the last word cheats a little!) :

A Boy Now Will Mention All The Hot Horrid Battles Till Bosworth’

The highlighted initials represent:

  • St Albans (1455 – Yorkist victory)
  • Blore Heath (1459 – Yorkist victory)
  • Northampton (1460 – Yorkist victory)
  • Wakefield (1460 – Lancastrian victory)
  • Mortimer’s Cross (1461 – Yorkist victory)
  • St Albans (again!) (1461 – Lancastrian victory)
  • Towton (1461 – Yorkist victory)
  • Hedgeley Moor (1464 – Yorkist Victory)
  • Hexham (1464 – Yorkist Victory)
  • Barnet (1471 – Yorkist Victory)
  • Tewkesbury (1471 – Yorkist Victory)
  • Bosworth (1485 – Victor: Henry Tudor)

There were more battles fought during the Wars of the Roses worth mentioning:

  • Ludford Bridge (1459 – Lancastrian victory)
  • Ferrybridge (1461 – Yorkist victory)
  • Edgecote Moor (1469 – Lancastrian victory)
  • Losecote Field (1470 – Yorkist victory)
  • Stoke (1487 – Victor: King Henry VII (Tudor)

Perhaps someone could include them all in a new memorable sentence? 😛

Emily 😀


Stevens, Chris. 2008. Thirty Days Has September. London: Buster Books.

Gormley, Larry. 2012. Battles of the Wars of the Roses [online] Available at: <http://www.warsoftheroses.com/battles.cfm> [Accessed 13/07/12]


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  1. Tamsin johnson
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 17:15:17

    This is a super way to recall the battles. The website is terrific. Well done. Keep on fighting!


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