Lend us a crown will you mate?

Here at the Elysium Theatre Company our crew and actors work endlessly trying to put on enjoyable and historical performances for the benefit of everyone. Our work provides training for young actors, workshops for schools and supports heritage sites. We are not publicly funded and in this day and age everything costs money!


If there is any way you, or someone you know, would be willing to donate some money to the Elysium Theatre Company we would be eternally grateful and gladly return the favour with a mention on our website and and a subscription to our mailing list, or if you wanted to donate more, there are a whole host of other thank you gifts, such as signed posters, programmes and free tickets to see one of our performances in Exeter.  

Click here to have a look on our sponsume page for more information about how we would like to use the money raised .


With your help we can make a difference to the arts scene: supporting talented young artists, breaking boundaries between student and professional theatre, and creating exciting theatrical experiences for modern audiences: giving life to classic texts. 

Thank you.


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