Our Tudor Shakespeare Festival is almost upon us! Fingers crossed for sun!

Our Tudor Festival kicks off this Saturday with myth and magic in The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream alongside living history, crafts, dance, music and duels from the Elizabethan age. On Sunday we continue the fun with As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing…

ImagePhotograph of Ariel (Emily Holyoake) and Alonso (James Bush), in rehearsal for The Tempest at Buckland Abbey. Photographer Joshua Irwandi.

After our rehearsals at Buckland Abbey on Wednesday we are looking forward to getting immersed in Shakespeare and history at the weekend. It was a challenging day, rehearsing all four plays and working in the heat almost non-stop for 11 hours! But great fun and a fantastic venue to work in: the magnificent Great Barn provides a beautiful setting for courtly scenes, we had fun staging the duping of Benedick (Much Ado about Nothing) and other scenes in the Knot Garden, and plenty of space to roam the woods in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and As You Like It outside the Abbey in the grounds.


Rehearsing in the Elizabethan Knot Garden with cast members Tom Chadwick and Chris Harknett. Photographer Joshua Irwandi.

We are excited to be heading back to Buckland on Saturday morning for a weekend full of  sunshine (we hope) and Tudor merriment! Come and join us for this free event (normal National Trust admission charges apply, but there are no charges for any of the activities or performances) to see some energetic Shakespeare, meet some wonderful characters, try out a few Elizabethan dance moves, and learn about Tudor medicine, crafts and dueling. See you there!


Photo of Hermia (Melissa Barrett) rehearsing A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Buckland Abbey’s Tithe Barn. Photographer Joshua Irwandi.



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