Past Productions




Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th

The National Trust’s Buckland Abbey

Four of Shakespeare’s comedies performed in immersive style in a fantastic historical setting.

Featuring the Renaissance Historical Dance Society and Mock Hobby Horse.



Wednesday July 3rd – Great Hall Piazza, University of Exeter Campus

Much Ado About Nothing  1.30pm

The Tempest 5.30pm

Tickets available from Exeter Northcott Box Office

Exeter Phoenix Poster

Friday July 5th – Exeter Phoenix

As You Like It  2pm

Much Ado About Nothing 7.30pm






A summer of medieval history plays

Kindly supported by the Cymbeline Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund (Young Roots)



Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August at Buckland Abbey, Devon

Shakespeare’s epic History Cycle as it has never been staged before.

The Elysium Theatre Company along with historical re-enactors first depicted THE RISE OF THE HOUSE OF LANCASTER: including the deposition of Richard II, the crowning of Henry IV, and the battle of Agincourt led by Henry V
On the second day, audience members were immersed in THE WARS OF THE ROSES: the loss of France and the weak reign of Henry VI, the rebellion of Richard Plantagenet, and the bloody rise and fall of his son, Richard III.

The Wars Of The Roses Project was an epic combination of Shakespeare’s beautiful language and some action-packed battle re-enactments, spanning eight of Shakespeare’s History plays. The two day event presented extracts and scenes from each play, from the melancholy elegance of Richard II through to the dark brutality of Richard III, interspersed with ambitious enactments of the wars of the roses, bringing the historical setting to life. History and theatre, language and action were woven together into one gripping narrative: the characters of Shakespeare’s plays coming to life in dramatic and tangible ways, and their struggles for power and dominance forming the basis for this entertaining, exciting and educational event.

This project was supported by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages scheme: “a fantastic opportunity to showcase the creativity and talent in amateur arts groups across the UK.” (Robin Simpson, Chief Executive, Voluntary Arts)



Performance of The Wars of the Roses Collage piece, The Dell

1st July 12pm and 3 pm, The Dell – Stratford upon Avon


1 Henry IV

Friday 22nd June 1:30 pm, University of Exeter – Piazza

Richard III

Saturday 23rd June 1.30pm, University of Exeter – Piazza

1 Henry IV

Saturday 23rd June 11am, University of Exeter – Piazza

Performance of The Wars of the Roses Collage piece, RSC Open Stages Regional Showcase

Wednesday 20th June – Hall for Cornwall, Truro


Henry V

Saturday 16th June – 7pm, Poltimore House

VIP Opening of the Forum Space

2nd May, University of Exeter

20 minute Collage piece from our ‘Wars of the Roses’ production




by John Webster

The Place, Bedford, August 2009

One woman fights for independence in a world dominated by patriarchal power. Her purity shines out against the blackened corruption of those around her, but is it enough to save her life when her brother, the dangerously volatile Duke Ferdinand, wants her dead? Meanwhile, the assassin hired to do the deed finds himself wrestling with his conscience.

John Webster’s tension-filled tale of deep corruption takes place in a dark and frightening world where the powerful seek ultimate control and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Based on a true story, this tense, disturbing play meditates on society, faith and death, and the purpose of our lives within an impure and darkening world.




by William Shakespeare

The Place, Bedford, July 2008

After years of civil unrest between the royal houses of York and Lancaster, Edward IV is undisputed king. However, his brother Richard Duke of Gloucester plots to seize the throne for himself, removing anybody in his path. With stealth and cunning he brings about the deaths of those he professes to be close to, and creeps ever closer to the crown.

Once becoming king, Richard finds his position of power increasingly unstable, and civil war threatens. But this is not the only war that Richard faces: as the ghosts of his victims haunt his dreams, he battles with his own internal demons.




The Oresteia
By Aeschylus
The Place, Bedford, August 2007

Guilty of murder, Orestes flees the Kingdom of Argos. He is pursued by fearsome demons of justice, the Furies, who seek to restore balance to a land tainted by countless deaths and acts of horror…

When the goddess Athena is summoned, Orestes is given a fair trial.

But will unearthing the past save his future?




The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe

Odell Village Hall, Odell, August 2005

The famous tale of the man who sold his soul to the devil.


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